Most female show signs of PTSD by early adulthood due entirely to male violence. Our repulsion at times by sex is a direct cause of men’s sexual assaults against us (normalized of course).

Anti-Porn Feminists

I’ve had PTSD for a really long time, probably in some form or another since childhood, and was formally diagnosed almost five years ago. It’s not like I’m completely nonfunctional, but I have a fairly strong case of it: enough that working a regular job was almost impossible and I was declared disabled by the state.

But all this time and I’ve never fully understood what PTSD meant. Wikipedia was quite vague. Survivors’ support groups were mostly made up of male combat veterans and I didn’t want to intrude on that. Doctors mostly told me it was “a flaw in perceiving reality”, psychiatrists talked about “a damaged worldview” and acted like I was a delusional schizoid who needed antipsychotic sedation. Friends and roommates who found out, even after having known me for some time, reacted as though I was a dangerous psychopath. Even feminist blogs missed the point; I…

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Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

My bull shit meters going off on this one.

Assuming a rapist or other violent criminal is innocent until proven guilty, insinuates that the victim is guilty until proven innocent. Like math, in social justice both sides of the equation must balance.

Our insistence that we treat potential criminals with fairness at the expense of potential victims is a patriarchally constructed lie. Women are the target of most heinous crimes, men are typically the offenders.

We give credence and concede much of our human rights when we perpetuate these dangerous myths.

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You rape bastards, you’re on notice. We will never forget.

Steubenville 2013


There is a photo at the top of this post that may be upsetting, and some supporters in comments are recounting experiences of sexual assault and rape. Please be advised. For a photo-less version of the letter, click here. To see the original, continue reading below. If you agree with the demands, please consider leaving a comment in support. Thank you!

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No Loopholes

No Loopholes

Having sex with a woman while sleeping is rape. There are no loopholes. -Angela J Lee

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